About Us


"Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeking with new eyes."

Heads Quest is an incipient Executive Search and Selection firm that specializes in recruiting executive human capital for their client companies globally. We offer services across management levels in the field of talent acquisition

Businesses are turning customer oriented today, be it any industry. We are no different. To be well poised to serve you better, we give utmost importance to need recognition before rushing to execute. With a reputation to understand the importance of hand picking candidates with essentially defined credentials globally, we help aspiring applicants hit the bull’s eye as far as their careers are concerned.

While the world equates recruitment with talent acquisition, we firmly believe that talent acquisition is a strategic approach that starts with establishing relationships and ends with evaluation of candidates’ performance post joining, making it different from recruitment. At Heads Quest, we do just that with proven efficiency and accuracy. We strive to create a win-win situation by placing applicants with faultless candidature required for the job.

Robust network, profound industry knowledge and opportune swift responsiveness are some of our proficiencies that differentiate us from the others. With 12+ years of experience in talent consulting and leadership hiring, we have built a strong network of candidates at senior management levels across the Industry.