Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)


Industry Overview: India’s EPC market has come under the global scanner. The sector has witnessed consistent changes over the past few years, with increasing project sizes, scale and market maturity. Riding on India’s infrastructure requirements over the next five years, the EPC sector is likely to make major advances. The sector is also attracting an increased interest from global majors, Indian conglomerates, as well as infrastructure developers. Many EPC contractors are diversifying into the asset development business, while others are forging technical partnerships, especially with foreign players. Power sector grabs the major share of the proposed infrastructure investments in Twelfth Five Year Plan.

Talent Challenges Construction reports detail 40% shortage of skilled construction workers. This industry deals with complex projects that get delayed and lead to cost overruns. Fierce competition for talent in this sector is already driving construction companies to think about their human capital needs and the strategies required to optimize their acquisition of qualified and experienced workers. While required skill sets are readily transferable in some cases, the oil and gas industry will find itself competing with other construction sectors for available talent while also trying to develop new talent.

How HQ can help: With a wide variety of talent pool in the electrical, mechanical and civil engineering space in conjunction with able project management expertise, we help our clients hire the finest talent in this space. We possess the essential familiarity as well as a strong network to work with developers/project owners/clients, EPC contractors and consultants for projects in Power Generation & Transmission and Distribution, Infrastructure, Railways, Buildings and Real Estate industries.