Industry Overview: The face of the chemical industry continues to evolve, and 2015 could mark a time of accelerated transformation. Global megatrends continue to influence the chemical industry and provide potential growth opportunities for the sector. Three megatrends relevant to the industry include environmental sustainability, the rising demand for energy and alternative energy sources, and increased consumer health awareness. Additionally, the continued trend of urbanization occurring in developed and undeveloped countries alike presents opportunities for the chemical industry to provide much needed solutions as never before. The advancements in agrochemicals pertaining to more resilient crops and effective utilization of farmland should help alleviate some of the challenges being created by urban sprawl.

Talent Challenges: There are majorly three overarching talent challenges facing the global chemical industry which is impending retirement of older employees, skill shortages among the generation that replaces these employees and the general unpopularity of the industry as an employer of choice. On average, the workforce in the chemical industry is older than that of all other industries except agriculture, transportation, and public administration, which are all relatively small. Thus, the ability to acquire new talent runs directly into the second challenge – a large and deteriorating skills gap.

How HQ can help: HQ concentrates on talent specializing in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that balances flexibility with productivity. While the industry transformation will be driven by many factors including global megatrends, digital discovery and trans-ecosystem collaborations, we place candidates who can keep pace with this continuously evolving industry that marks a time of accelerated transformation.