Executive Search

"He who would search for pearls must dive below."

Success of business depends on their ability to put together a team of highly qualified people who are committed to the goals and objectives of organization. To achieve this it becomes imperative to hire the right executive at the senior levels who will be driving these teams and define their way forward.

We are retained partners for all our clients in terms of executive hiring.

Our clientele look forward to our expertise as we frequently provide benefits beyond search, that include assessing organization cultures for suitable candidature, integrating organization values to enrich our search, identifying potential candidates and helping them narrow the candidate pool. Risks associated with unsuccessful hires can be catastrophic, which is why we offer services that leverage sophisticated assessment, search & due diligence processes, which reduce the risk factor to a large extent. “Getting it right” is crucial to business success and we endorse the same views by supplementing it with our offerings

Recruitment & Selection

"Human Resources, isn’t something that we do, it’s something that runs many businesses."

Establishing contacts between employers & candidates is something that all search firms do, but we go a step ahead by picking up competent & suitable employees that suit the required candidature for organizations. While we get a lot of applications, screening the suitable candidates is our expertise, as we follow a rigorous and a scientific selection process. We believe that screening is of utmost importance before the application reaches our client, and thus we invest enough time on each candidate to ensure the right fit for our clients.

Temporary Staffing

"Technology, outsourcing and a growing temp staffing industry, are the new war horses of the industry."

Modern organizations struggle with staffing challenges stemming from increased knowledge work, labor shortages, competition for applicants, and workforce diversity. Yet, despite such critical needs for effective staffing practice, staffing research continues to be neglected or misunderstood by many organizational decision makers. Solving these challenges requires staffing scholars to expand their focus from individual-level recruitment and selection research to multilevel research demonstrating the business unit/organizational-level impact of staffing. Toward this end, we provide selective and critical analysis of staffing best practices covering present literature. We have also identified several

research-practice gaps that help us provide a flexible partnership model that allows us to aid our clientele with people who adapt to the seasonal nature of business, help counter business uncertainties and help business achieve their goals.

Head Quest offers flexible and receptive temporary staffing solutions. Our team explores various industries to ensure that we provide our clientele with manpower that is equipped to deal with traditional as well as progressive organizations. We provide our clients with various service offerings starting with recruitment support to seamless migration of candidates leading to successful on boarding and metricizing them to derive ROI. We supplement the above with payroll management services and compliance management services

HR Outsourcing

"An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."

Recently, “Improving Company Focus” became the number one reason for outsourcing HR. As companies in the 21st century have grown, both in size and intelligence, outsourcing HR has become the popular solution to being more competitive and cutting costs. However, the benefit of improving focus and drive outweighs them both as entrepreneurs strive to be profitable. Despite vast differences in size, reach and industry, these forerunner organizations tend to rely on multiple outsourcing arrangements. In the process, they have upset traditional wisdom on where activities should be performed. Unlike traditional outsourcing, most organizations want to leverage functions like payroll management, setting up HR systems and processes, processes for SME, trainings, compliances and flexible framework for compensation plan designing that endorse collaborative management. We, at Heads Quest, help businesses to increase employee ROI by transferring risk, combining HR functions, focus on results by reducing their paperwork and emphasize on improving the organizations bottom line through our services.